Working for the UN is indeed a mighty goal. You need language skills, excellent training, experience, a thorough education and a bit of luck. Whether you want to work at one of the main headquarters in NY, Vienna or   Geneva or for one of the local agencies you need determination, the right skills at the right time and know-how.

The UN System has been the major player of development assistance in Romania for the last decades, and it still keeps this role at international level. It is part of UN’s mission to promote its principles and aims and to encourage the young generation to take up its goals and, as Romania is undergoing a historical shift to its new status of emerging donors, the UN System gradually decreases its activity in the country.

It is a new generation of Romanian development professionals that will implement Romania’s ODA policies and represent the country in international organizations such as UN. However, as youngsters take up their most important decisions on their career orientation during their higher education period, it is of utmost importance that they have a chance to meet the professionals and that could help and inspire them fulfill their choice.

So why are we telling you all of this? Because this is your chance to find out exactly what makes the UN tick. Whether its about development aid, health issues or refugies Econosofia’s „Discover the UN” Programme will give you a glimpse of the international organisation,  and a unique interdisciplinary perspective into what the UN deals with.

„Discover the UN” will start with the following series of conferences:

18th November – Conference on building a career in the UN, the UN system worldwide and development aid at the Academy of Economic Studies.

24th November – Conference on health policies, poverty, epidemics and the UN’s role throughout at the University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics “Carol Davila”

26th of November – Conference on emmigration and immigration, refugees and relating policies at the University of Bucharest. [Cancelled]

If you want to take part in the conferences please send an email with your name, the major you are studying and the conference/conferences you would like to take part in to until the 17th of November.

The conferences will be followed by the ODA (Official Development Assistance) School which will take place between the 7th – 13th of December. The  ODA School will include a series of presentations and workshops on official development assistance, followed by case studies on Romania’s priority countries which will be tackled by interdisciplinary teams of young people studying economics, medicine, law and related disciplines. To find out more about the ODA School join us at the conferences.

UPDATE: The last conference was cancelled due to objective reasons. We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience and we hope you will join us at the ODA School. We shall keep you posted with all the details.