Holidays at home.Two weeks of doing absolutely nothing and having my brain transformed slowly but surely into an inert form of existence.

I consider myself a liberal, this after several readings and a pretty good economics teacher.My family instead was grown in the true spirit of socialism and protectionism that their period imposed, hence I couldn`t say that we share the same vision towards law, welfare and social justice.Amazingly enough we do,not only that, it seems that the spirit that led them to riot in `89 still exists and is still beating slowly beneath countless layers of thin socialism disguised under the reassuring name of democracy.

Sounding up my dear old folks was a pretty easy mission to succeed in.The TV was the key point in our debate session and the round table: the living room. Besides the discussion regarding the incompetency of the state driven institutions that flew like rivers on the daily news, the subject that intrigued me the most was brought into light by my mother during a stupid brain washing programme. The lead character of the show was to be the future discussion topic.And the winner is …: Mihai Constantinescu, mostly known as „Iubiti si cainii vagabonzi” or „O lume minunata”(not the wonderful world of Armstrong though).

It seems that our „fallen star” personage found himself in a dilemma where only that state could discover remedy for.Let`s sew of the story for a little bit so we can all watch the same play at once.On the 3rd of October `07 our dear character and his wife were evicted from `their` propriety as a courts decision after losing a law suit. The fact was simple:the law decided they should leave the place and as the rules of the game initially stated they should have just conformed.But no.Oh..this could never happen in a land of freedom and democracy like ours.No, no.Here we should seek for a higher approval, one that everyone considers worthy of taking into consideration..The Al Mighty State should solve the problem not a silly judge with a even sillier book that he calls law.

The real owners it seems had to fight to get their home (which the former form of government took with no compensation or justification) for 12 years and now that they`ve finally won, they have to fight just as much with the narrow minded welfare driven society and the well known bureaucracy that our system proudly possesses.

Mihai Constantinescu and his wonderful world knew this :”The few benefit on the expense of the many” and this was his only line. With this on his lips he went proudly of his knowledge, where? , to the President of course, to solve his problem. Yes! The State owned him something and that something,in our case the props being the property , should be given back. As a reward ! a reward for his talent, the work that he carried out while he was young and the joy that he brought our parents by the trills of his wonderful world! How ungrateful this society is? To leave the poor man in the streets just like that? What has become of us?

Lets press pause for a second and put another spotlight on the issue. Call me wishful libertarian and ungrateful towards the oppressed ones, but don`t you find it just a bit too much of a `wonderful world` thinking that your wishes will be fulfilled just by going and raising a glass of wine with the president?

One should remember who the All Mighty President really is. An employee like me and you, the only difference is that his revenues comes from our pockets and by the means of coerced taxation and not voluntary payment for the service rendered.

This is the story and as my mum put it in a way I could never imagine, Mihai Constantinescu is just the cricket that sang all summer and now is coming to the ant to ask for compassion and goodwill.

Would you give it ?


Loredana Coscotin